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Hi, I’m Michael. If you’ve landed on this page, you probably want to know more about me.

I’m not very keen on talking about myself or what I do but below a few words to set the scene.

Having pursued studies in architecture and design, I am now a passionate architect, music enthusiast and a life wanderer who likes to experiment with anything and everything that sparks my curiosity.

I grew up in Beirut, a uniquely odd city where joy and sorrow live side by side and where reality and fiction collide on a daily basis. It has taught me to look at life with amazement and wonder, to hear harmony in the dissonant sounds of its unbearably noisy streets, and to forgive its empty buildings for being all deferentially obsolete yet all equally unapologetic.

It forged my approach to everything including Architecture, Design and Music. Highlighting the seemingly insignificant, the dismissed and overlooked became important in every creation process.

It became a way for me to make a project coherent and consistent on every scale. 

I believe in an architecture that embodies its context, celebrates culture and focus on the essential, erasing all weighty and useless artifice. I constantly explore every panel and point of view in the Design world in order to continually improve my knowledge.

I wish you a good visit through my website and thank you for reading!



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