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Hello there, nice to meet you, I'm Michael 👋

I am a passionate architect, entrepreneur, design thinker, music enthusiast, nature lover, maker, problem-solver & life wanderer who likes to experiment with anything and everything that sparks my curiosity.💎

I was born and raised in Beirut, a city where joy and sorrow live side by side and where reality and fiction collide on a daily basis. It taught me to look at life with amazement and wonder, to hear harmony in the dissonant sounds of its noisy streets. Being the urban jungle that it is, nature was always a much-needed break away from the city’s hecticness. Spending time in nature provided me with a deep sense of fulfillment, and it still does. 🧘

This forged my approach to life but also to my practice as entrepreneur, architect and designer. I grew more and more aware of the impact the spaces around us can have on our wellbeing, quality of life and environment.
And today, I use science & technology to help make this impact a positive one on both people and the planet. 🌍

On a more personal level, I love hiking in nature, making things, exploring new things, optimizing everything, travelling, mixing electronic music, dancing like there’s no tomorrow, good food, good sense of humor, training in martial arts, engaging in outdoor sports, photography, and I have a soft spot for ice cream, and my cat. 😺

If you're also working on an impactful project, or if you're interested in mine, send me a message and tell me all about it, would love to connect and chat! 🌐
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