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Hello there!

I'm Michael Najjar, an entrepreneur, architect and product designer.

My passion is to create products and services people want
while having a positive impact on our planet. 

You'll find here what I did and what I do.
Logo spacebloom .png
I'm currently working on my new startup Spacebloom, where our mission is to make indoor spaces healthier and more sustainable, backed by science and data.
Spacebloom gradient.jpg
Archave FINAL png-02.png
Before moving to Belgium, I co-founded Archave, an architecture and design studio in Beirut, where we worked on big and small scale projects. 

My favorite one is The Garten, an outdoor nightclub we designed and built in 40 days!
Albi Logo.png
I also co-founded Albi Creations, a lifestyle brand that aims to empower communities by blending craftsmanship and digital fabrication.
Curious to know more about my work?
I also love to play, if you feel like listening to some electronic music, I've got your back!
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